Is the world on the brink of war?

Is the world on the brink of war?
Дата: Wednesday April 19th, 2017

Today, there are several hot spots in the world that can turn into a war. Both local and global, up to the Third World with the use of nuclear weapons.

The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations declares: “The next international crisis may come from places where human rights violations are universally ignored; perhaps it will be North Korea, Iran or Cuba.” We can interpret it from the diplomatic language to the human language as: “We will hit wherever we want, there are plenty of goals.”


The situation with Syria and North Korea, the different positions of the two countries with the largest nuclear arsenals – the United States and Russia, in other countries, terrify them. The world is on the brink of the third world war, which will become nuclear; these are the comments of experts and politicians today.

Even if their budgets are not comparable. The budget of the Pentagon is 700 billion dollars; the budget of NATO is 900 billion dollars. It is hardly necessary to divide the national military budget and the potential of the NATO member countries and the potential of NATO separately, therefore, their total budget is 1 trillion 600 billion dollars! Russia’s military budget is 90 billion dollars, 50% of which according to some data are stolen at different levels. Nevertheless, Russia also frightens its unpredictability. Just the other day the writer Prokhanov on the air of Russian TV said that Putin’s has cold enough blood to press the nuclear button. Considering the fact that he is hardly engaged in amateur activities – this is the message that the president’s administration wants to convey to the public.

Turkey may become a separate hotbed of tension, it can lead right up to the civil war, where just a few days ago there was a referendum that split the country almost in half. This referendum changed Turkey’s system to presidential-parliamentary, and Recep Erdogan received almost Sultan’s powers. It does not matter whether there was a fraud in this referendum; important fact is that half of the country is against it. And this half lives in economically successful regions, primarily in the cities, which means that it is active. The National Security Council of Turkey, the Cabinet of Ministers and President Erdogan apparently, in this connection, decided to extend the regime of the state of emergency for another three months in Turkey. This is the fourth time since the attempted coup. This means that three months later, rights and freedoms are in manual mode, detentions length is 30 days instead of 48 hours, media closure and other repressions can be done without court decisions.

We can also refer to the upcoming elections in the UK to the worst-case scenario, which will take place against the backdrop of Brexit, which means that one of the key world players will be occupied with their internal problems and will play minimal internationally. As well as the growth of protest relations in Russia, where protests are noticeably younger and, in addition, there are conflicts between the center and the national republics.

If we draw historical parallels, all this is similar to the beginning of the last century. We can see the same huge number of unresolved problems, the same tangle of international contradictions. In the last century this led to a number of world wars, the fall of empires and a serious redistribution of territories. No one knows how this situation will end in this century.