The charges against Assange have been dropped

The charges against Assange have been dropped
Дата: Friday May 19th, 2017

The Swedish Chief Prosecutor decided to stop the investigation against Julian Assange, who was accused of raping two women seven years ago. Today is the last time when you can either extend the order or withdraw it.

Since 2012, the founder of Wikileak has been living in the Embassy of Ecuador in Britain, without being sent to Sweden. For his part, he denied all charges and understood perfectly well: if he finds himself in Sweden, then the authorities of the northern country will send him to America.

British police, however, threatened to arrest the founder of WikiLeaks, if he leaves the embassy territory. As the court issued a warrant for his arrest.

Recently it has been reported that now the US prosecutor can bring accusations against the fugitive, especially after the promulgation of the documents of the democrats before the presidential elections.