One and a half billion dollars to Ukrainian budget

One and a half billion dollars to Ukrainian budget
Дата: Friday April 28th, 2017

General prosecutor  Yurii Lutsenko said on his Facebook page that  so-called “Yanukovich treasury-box” was found through the efforts of the prosecutor’s office. We are talking about the arrested accounts of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage. This money will be placed at the disposal of the state by a court decision.

Now the employees of the Saving Bank, where the arrested funds are located, and the State Treasury are carring the court decisions out . Part of this amount has already been written in the State Budget for various items of expenditure. The government should decide where to spend the rest of the money (we are talking about the amount of 28 billion hryvnia) until the end of May.

On his page, Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko expressed the hope that this money will be spent in such a way that the army and citizens of Ukraine would feel it. He also acknowledged the work of the prosecutor of the ATU forces K. Kulik and the deputies of the General Prosecutor E. Enin and A. Strizhevskaya.

However, those who wish to receive this money have already been placed at their disposal. So MP Sergei Pashinsky has already announced that the National Security and Defense Committee he chairs will insist on the priority financing of the development of Ukraine’s military aviation, air defense systems, construction of housing for the military and the mandatory purchase of necessary ammunition for our artillery. We will also insist that part of the funds to be spent on strengthening security at military depots in order to avoid diversions like those that occurred in the Balakley.

One and a half billion dollars is half of the sum that Ukrainian government of Yanukovich time lent to the Russian Federation and which the current leadership of the country is disputing in the court.