Increase of Ukrainian export

Increase of Ukrainian export
Дата: Monday May 22nd, 2017

The government presented a new strategy for the development of domestic exports. First of all, it is expected to sell mechanical and electrical equipment, raw materials, and light industry goods.

Since the beginning of the year, the figures have sharply increased thanks to the improvement of the situation on world markets, in particular, the price of ore has risen, European car manufacturers use Ukrainian wires for cables.

Only in the first months of this year, deliveries to the European Union reached almost 39%. Despite the bans and sanctions, exports to Russia are gradually increasing. The authorities are going to meet small business, because taxes arrive on time, and entrepreneurs have the right to receive revenue from anywhere.

But it is likely that the situation will change – businessmen began to look for new markets. They are going to sell turbo-jet engines, water heaters, wagons, spare parts for phones on foreign markets.

One of the main sources of foreign currency is export. For the economy of our country, it is extremely important, since it reaches almost half of the domestic GDP.