Terrorist act in Manchester. Children were killed

Terrorist act in Manchester. Children were killed
Дата: Tuesday May 23rd, 2017

As a result of the terrorist attack at the stadium in Manchester, 22 people died, children were among them. About sixty people were injured. IGIL launched a video in the social network, which recorded an explosion – so the terrorist group declared its involvement in the murder. Moreover, the handwriting is familiar: the suicide bomber blew up. Now it is extremely important to establish whether he acted alone or there was a whole group. And while the British cops do not fully understand all the details, the incident will be considered as an act of terrorism.

Witnesses talk about two explosions that happened after the concert of American singer Ariana Grande, when she had already left the stage. The police immediately appealed to the citizens with a request to move away from the stadium and evacuating the audience began. The wounded were sent to city hospitals, several people received medical help on the ground.

The singer wrote on her Facebook page: “Broken, with all my heart, I’m so sorry.” I have no words. ”

British Prime Minister expressed condolences to relatives of the victims and victims of the terrorist attack. Their condolences were also expressed by Manchester United players and city residents, the #WeStandTogether hashtag appeared on the network.

The White House immediately announced its readiness to help in the investigation. By the way, they are sure that the bombs were stuffed with nails, in order to do more harm to people.

Their condolences and concerns were expressed, in particular, by the leaders of the European Union, Australia, Japan, Mexico, India, Ukraine. The President of China sent a telegram with condolences to the British queen.

Explosions in Manchester did not affect our fellow citizens – the Ukrainian embassy in Britain reported.